“Well done, sir. Mr talker, ekú isé.
Mr wetin-no-concern-me reporter, that’s right!”

Background track for this piece: Mind your business by Simi ft Falz.

“Lamide, ṣe o ni cancer ni?”

I could have sworn I heard my heart break, honestly. Madam, what did we carry? What did you throw? (Kilagbe? Kileju?) Of course, I’ll tell you the whole story. It was sometime in January 2019; one of my mum’s close friends had come to spend some time with her. I had just returned home from my friend’s office and wanted to say hi to my mum before locking myself in…

On fear, failure, and uncertainty.

“Your sovereign hand will be my guide,

Where feet may fail, and fear surrounds me.

You’ve never failed, and You won’t start now.”

Oceans by Hillsong

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A rant, again? Maybe. I have hit somewhere below rock bottom in the last few weeks, probably the lowest I’ve been since 2016. It’s one thing or the other, every day. I feel a lot of things — unloved, insufficient, useless… it’s a mix of shenanigans, really. However, what I feel the most right now is fear. Fear of everything. Fear of failure (blame UNILAG), fear of dying (a story for another day)…

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It was #WorldMenstrualHygieneDay yesterday, 28th May 2021. 28/05 because the average number of days a cycle lasts is twenty-eight (28), and the average number of days for menstruation is five (5). Seeing the pad drives, seminars, and social media posts made my heart full. It’s beautiful seeing women more open about talking about their cycles, and even more beautiful seeing girls who are yet to begin menstruation get enlightened without mincing of words or code names.

Of course, I wanted to be a part of the cause, so I talked to a few ladies about their menstrual cycles and struggles…

An outline of different career paths in tech, their significance, and their roles.

Let’s talk about the broadness of tech and how it consists of different careers but in an unconventional way. We will discuss the significance of different roles in tech and how they work together to achieve a similar goal — creating digital solutions for everyone to live with ease.

Let’s imagine a construction team consisting of only techies, but this time, the project is an app or a website:

The ‘Engineer’ — Project Manager(PM):

“Engineer, when will the sand delivery arrive?” “Engineer, we need to resize the windows.” “Engineer, this; Engineer, that.”

As part of our women’s day event, we had Ruth Ikegah tell us about her spontaneous, incredible, and impressive career growth in one year.

Ruth Ikegah is a back-end developer, technical writer, public speaker, open-source enthusiast, and a Github star. She functions in quite many tech roles and even outside tech. When she’s not all involved in tech, she is actively volunteering.

The Timeline of Ruth’s Journey

Ruth finished her undergraduate program in Microbiology in December 2019. Before then, she was already surrounded by friends who were techies and had begun pitching the idea of tech to her. …

Estrom Queen— one of the co-hosts for the day — kicked off the event by welcoming everyone and giving a brief overview of who we are and what we do and stand for at She Code Africa.

She Code Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating, encouraging, and empowering women in tech — tech queens — in Africa. We do this through our women-focused initiatives and programs. We’re focused on shattering bias, stereotypes and misconceptions about women in technology.

We had an exciting lineup of speakers and session topics during our international women’s day celebration. The sessions cut across…

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Before I ventured into Technical Writing, I was already involved in other forms of writing — copy, content, and academic. However, for some reasons, I was a bit sceptical about being a technical writer. Honestly, I think it began with the name. “Technical Writing” sounded sophisticated, and I felt like I was not good enough for it.

Months down the line, I partook in a technical writing challenge, after which I went into technical writing proper. I now work as a documentation writer. Some things have helped me on this journey; I have outlined them to share with you.

First off, what is technical writing?


Our ‘Diverting Into Tech’ series aims to aid people who want to make the big switch to tech from an unrelated background. We discussed with Rianat Abbas, who made the change about two years ago and have detailed it in this writeup.

Rianat is a Product Designer at Enkoded Technologies who also doubles as a Front-end Developer at Farmkonnect Nigeria.

Rianat’s Story

Rianat wanted a career that would fit her personality as an introvert, so she switched from Educational Management to Tech in 2019. She started by taking a course in Front-end Development. After a while of Front-End Development, she interned at…

Hey there, A!
You’re probably tired of my letters now, lol. You have to deal with it, though; I mean, you bombarded me with quite many too. No, I’m not complaining; in fact, I’d kill to get one more. Just one more.

I miss you, A. I miss you so much; it hurts. I don’t see the vivid images in my mind anymore; I don’t remember how you look like in your shirt when I wear it, and it’s scary. A, sincerely, I now have to squint or shut my eyes to remember. I think that’s what pains me more…

Importance of joining tech communities
Importance of joining tech communities

Like every other aspect of life — family, school, career, etc. — the significance of peer support to a techie’s growth cannot be over-emphasized. There are various tech communities available. There are gender-specific ones like She Code Africa and Women Who Code, track-specific ones like Àșà Coterie, WordPress Community and She Designs Africa, and the ‘come one, come all’ types like Google Developer Student Club and ForLoop Africa. …

Olamide 'Pearl' Makinde

I kinda just like to rant here.

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